Professional HPL, compact laminates manufacturer in China.
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About Us
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We are professional manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate,
Phenolic compact laminates, Chemical Resistant compact laminates in China.
Founded on 2000, we are now developing to be large professional HPL factory in China.
Own 12 melamined soaking resin machine , and 7pressing machines,
we have different available size for HPL product:
4'x8'(1220x2440mm), 4'x6'(1220x1830mm), 4'x12'(1220x3660mm)
* High Pressure Decorative Laminate Sheets
Single color, finishing: Matt,Textured,Glossy, NT,etc.
Back sanded.
Raw material: Phenolic Resin, Wooden Kraft paper warranty.
Formaldehyde releasing: E1
Certificate: FSC,MA,Greenlabel.
Usage: Furniture skin, door skin, covering top surface of all decoration.

* Postforming high pressure laminate,
With postforming resin added, the laminate sheets could be bended,suitable for some bended decoration field, like stairsteps, etc.

* Compact Laminates Board
Double side, density 1500kgs/cbm,
Solid strong resist water suitable used for toilet partition, cubicles,
Lockers,cabinets,wall panel (interior and exterior usage wall cladding panel)

* Chemical resistant compact laminates board
Resist acid and alkali,
Used for laboratory table board.

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